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Release 2012-06-22:

  • SUGGESTED CITATION: Ruiz, S., Stokes, B., & Watson, J. (June 22, 2012). ┬áMobile and Locative Games in the “Civic Tripod:” Activism, Art and Learning. International Journal of Learning and Media, MIT Press, Volume 3, Issue 3. doi:10.1162/IJLM_a_00078 Retrieved from:
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  • ABSTRACT: This report addresses the mobile frontier for civic games, which is fragmented across the applied domains of activism, art and learning. We argue that these three domains can and should speak jointly — an approach we call the civic “tripod.” Our site structure is part of its contribution, with a curated database of projects and interviews from the field. Analysis from each leg of the tripod draws on the examples independently, and supports direct linking with practitioner blogs and news articles. The blur between tripod “legs” is as important as each perspective. Going forward, the most useful design principles and analysis may require the ability to analyze across the civic tripod, and publishing modes that are directly shared with practitioners.

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